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Welcome to EverydayCyber.net. My name is John; John the third (III) in fact after my father and grandfather. I might even be John the fourth, but for some reason I have not be able to confirm. Somehow they lost the paper work … its not really important, but it’s an about page so I thought, tell them a little about me. Ok … no one actually really cares, but seemed like a good intro paragraph … but I digress.

So, I am the founder and chief content producer on  EverydayCyber.net. We created EverydayCyber.net as an information and resource site specifically to help consumers,  small/medium business and, particularly non-technical folks (which is a lot of people … like 1000s; no probably 10s of thousands … well actually probably more like 10s of millions), understand cyberthreats. More importantly, is to help you understand what to do to do to protect yourself or your businesses from getting attacked and being a victim.

Many believe it is no longer if you will be attacked, but only when. We actually believe this …. you should too.

So preparation is the antidote … (see how I did that – you know … computer virus / antidote).

Yes that was a lame.

Anyway …. we really do try to explain topics using practical, common sense information. We avoid $100 words and complex descriptions … although, I have to admit, we do have some articles that do go down the rabbit hole a bit.

I mean … come on … its cybersecurity, this stuff can get deep.

I have been in the game for few years – 35+ in fact … yes I am old but still viral (oh no!! I think that was supposed to be virile)  So I’ve seen a few things, fixed a few things, helped my mom with her ipad and even a few companies (telecom, government, healthcare, manufacturing) along the way.

Lets just say I know a few things … but my team knows a lot of things.

You should listen to them.


Enjoy. Be Informed. Share with a friend.